fredag 20 maj 2016


Precious: Based on the Novel "Push" by Sapphire is a book about a overweight girl named Precious who got pregnant 2 times with her dad and her mother beats her because she ``had sex with her husband´´ and the mother treats her like a slave. The mother doesn’t think the school is good for her, Precious should just be home with her mother and be like a slave for her. The first time she got pregnant she was 12 years old and got a child with downs syndrome. The second child she got with her dad, she was 16 years old and got kicked out from her school because she was pregnant. Eventually it all will change when she got invited to an alternative school there she learns to write, read and knew some new friends and a nice teacher that will help her to stand up her self.

This book can really make you think a different way about the society because you can see how some people are living and after you have read this book it makes you thankful for all that you have and the nice people in your life. I really liked this book because it makes a really deep impression because she is fighting for her dreams in the darkest days their people are trying to bring her down and destroy her dreams. That’s the reason till why I would recommend this book to older teenagers and adults. The language in this book can be a bit strange because the characters are using many slang words so sometime you have to stop and think about that they really mean. 

Gustav Lind. Peer corrected by Hugo Norlin, Selihom Berhane, and Arsen Tuganov. EKES15

Vi bygger vidare

Nu är nästa pussel klart och så här blev det! Nästa vecka plockar vi fram våra minipusse. De är perfekta att lägga när tiden är knapp. Du hinner klart med ett på en rast - vi lovar!


This book is about Stanley Yelnats he got sent to camp green lake for something he didn’t do. The camp is not a regular camp is a place where u send bad boys and make them good by digging holes in the hot sun.

At camp green lake the warden makes them build character by digging holes five feet wide and five feet deep every day. Soon Stanley finds out is not just about digging holes it is almost like they are searching for something.

Stanley makes friends and he also gets the nickname “Caveman” there is one odd and mysterious boy that Stanley wants to figure out and that’s Zero. And soon enough he gets the chance.

It is full of adventure and questions had me up at night trying to figure everything out. I also enjoyed that there was a story, behind a story, behind a story and they all fit together like a puzzle.

I recommend this book because it has a good structure, not to revealing but still very interesting and the more you read the more you understand.

Arsen Tuganov. Peer corrected by Gustav Lind, Selihom Berhane, and Hugo Norlin. EKES15

Boktipset v.21 - Den stora boken om flätor

Den stora boken om Flätor, Björn Axén Academy

Det här är den stora boken om flätor. Här visar Björn Axéns prisbelönta frisörer hur du gör allt från vardagsflätor till avancerade festuppsättningar. I steg för steg visar de hur du ska gå till väga. Kort sagt- här finns allt du behöver veta om flätor!

Många elever och personal har bläddrat i boken, den är så spännande att titta i. Jag uppmanade ett gäng långhåriga tjejer att kom hit med en kam och fläta varandra, men än har de inte dykt upp. Kanske det blir mer intressant närmare skolavslutningen, vem vet :)

torsdag 19 maj 2016

The secret life of bees

The book is about Lily who is running away from home with her housekeeper Rosaleen. They run away to the Pink house to found out what happend to Lilys mother. They run away because Lily think that her father is lying about her mother’s death and tired of being bullied by her own father.

Lily is a very interesting person because she is so curious about things and is not scared to take hold of that she wants to know about.

The story was well written and I just wanted to turn pages. I don't have a favortite part of the book beacuse I thought the whole book were lovely. It both maked me lught and cry.

The end of the book was very dramatic. Lilys father showes up at the pink house and want to bring Lily home. But he is not acting normal at all.

I reccommend this book to people who is in pretty good at english becuase it is a rather hard reading and content. But I think everyone who has the possibility needs to read it.

Ella Haglund. Peer corrected by André Johansson Mina Englund, and Ture Rosén. EKES15


Louise Sachar’s novel Holes is mainly about Stanley Yelnats that was sent to a youth detention camp on the grounds of being accused of stealing a very expensive and unique pair of shoes. The 16-year-old boy is in fact innocent but the warden does not care and all the kids at the camp gets punished by digging holes out in the hot desert.

At the camp he gets to know some of the other kids and at first they are not very friendly but throughout the story they get closer and closer to each other. Further along in the book they realise that digging the holes is not just for punishment but also because the warden is in fact looking for something that is hidden under the ground, and this is where the book really becomes exciting. Another big part of the book is about Stanley and his friends trying to escape the youth detention camp without getting caught by the evil warden.

I would recommend this book mainly to youths because almost all of the main characters are youths and I think you recognise yourself better if you are “one of them”. Not only are there many youths but the language is also youthful which fits right in. With youthful language I refer to slang words like “u” instead of “you” and so on. I liked this book because there was almost always something up so you never got tired of it and you had to keep reading. I think this book is read worthy and would recommend it to teenagers who likes mystery, crime and fiction.

Eric Baumeister. Peer corrected by Nellie Rosén, Tilda Lindström, and Erik Bernhardsson. EKES15

onsdag 18 maj 2016

The Notebook

The Notebook is written by Nicholas Spark. The book is about forbidden love between a girl and a boy. It starts with the boy Noah returning home from World War 2 and he is still thinking about his teenage-love Allie. He Is now 32 years old and still he hasn’t let her go, what he doesn’t know is that she hasn’t let go of him either. Their love was so powerful and nothing could tear them apart until one day when Allie was forced to move to another town and the couple had to break up. Later in the book Allie shows up at Noah´s house and wants to meet him again. But still they can´t be together because Allie is engaged. They both feel so happy when they are together and when they are alone they feel like something is missing.

I like this book because it is a great love story, I became touched and had difficult to stop reading it. The author described everything in the book very good so you understand everything.

I would recommend this book for people who likes love stories and wants to read an easy and short book.

Tilda Lindström. Peer corrected by Nellie Rosén, Eric Baumeister, and Erik Bernhardsson. EKES15


“I have read a book called "Legend" by Marie Lu. The book is about a boy named Day and a girl named June, they live two completely different lives and they don´t know each other in the beginning. June is trained to be a agent and Day is a poor kid that´s being chased that´s wanted in the whole country for murder. All the teenagers in the country have to do a test that will decide their future. If they fail the test, they will be send to labs as lab rats. If they pass the test they will have a future in the society. Day is one of the that failed the test and June is the first one to get full pot on the test. Day is send to a lab and June is being train to be a elite spy. Day escapes the lab and gets accused of murder on Junes brother. June is send to find Day, she gets in a fight and Day saves her. After that they start to know each other and June do not think that Day killed her brother.

I think the book was good and it was kind of hard to stop reading once you got in to it. I would give the book 4 stars out of 5 because I did not think that the theme in the book was as good as it could have been. I recommend this book to people that don’t have a big intrest of reading books and don’t like hard read books.”

André Johansson. Peer corrected by Mina Englund, Ella Haglund and Ture Rosén. EKES15